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How will your business look like post Corona crisis?

Many of us who are business owners immediately got hit by the tremendous impact of the Corona crisis. How are you dealing with this?

Are your products and services still in demand, how do you engage with your prospects and clients? Or maybe due to the nature of your products and services your business is booming right now?

I strongly advise to start – in case you don’t already do so – working on your post Corona crisis business strategies. What do you need to do to adapt and be profitable (again)?

It is without doubt realistic to state that the world will not be the same compared to how we were living and doing business prior to the global outbreak and spread of COVID-19.

I believe that new opportunities will arise and we should apply methods like design thinking and ExO strategies right now to make our businesses future-proof.
Businesses that are innovative and flexible can get the full reward of the key emerging trends that are already being observed.

In the following days and weeks I will start sharing some insights on these trends. Stay tuned!

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