About Rising Phoenix Consultancy

Rising Phoenix Consultancy is committed to help clients increasing their organization’s efficiency and achieving true customer excellence. Services offered include: Business Transformation, Process Optimization, Customer Excellence Programs, Business Modeling and Project Management.

Rising Phoenix believes that a connected organization – an organization which has implemented a value chain approach instead of holding on to a silo mentality – is the key to customer excellence.

Such organization will help you anticipate your customers’ need ahead of time by:

  • Identification of data and its integration from activities throughout the full value chain
  • From (Pre) sales to Aftercare
  • Insight into your customer touchpoint journey

This allows you to tailor your products, services, business processes, customer experiences accordingly and therefore you would be better equipped to make the right and necessary changes for sustainable growth.

An example of what Rising Phoenix can bring to your organization is the ability to gain full insight into both your internal and external customers along with facilitating collaboration and continuous improvement internally.

By bringing previously siloed, departments closer together, your teams will communicate more efficiently and therefore productivity will increase. This can have only ONE result and that is, true customer centricity and higher profitable business.

Future-proof your business by solving tomorrow’s problems today!

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