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Passion for continuous improvement

About Rising Phoenix Consultancy

Rising Phoenix Consultancy is a UAE based cross-sector consultancy, supporting companies of all size in the Middle East region. Rising Phoenix was founded by Kirsten Westholter, a results-driven and goal-oriented senior consultant offering extensive business improvement consultancy and project management experiences gathered across Europe and the Middle East in the last 20+ years.

Over half of business leaders today say their organization will not exist in its current form in five years’ time.

While many might find this notion alarming and even discouraging, Rising Phoenix Consultancy believes this age of disruption is something to embrace. A true opportunity to thrive, to capitalize on change and increase competitive advantage.

Rising Phoenix Consultancy is committed to helping clients increase their efficiency and achieve true customer excellence. Skills and expertise cover a wide range of business improvement consultancy and project management activities.

Excellence is a continuous process, not an accident.


Rising Phoenix Consultancy offers a wide range of business consultancy and project management services to both SMEs and larger corporations in all sectors. Client specific requirements and their objectives are input for a customized offer and a tailor-made pragmatic approach. Services offered include: Business Transformation, Process Optimization, Customer Excellence Programs, Business Modeling and Project Management.

Business Transformation

Providing support to companies in making fundamental changes in how they run their business

Process Optimization

Helping organizations improve their efficiency by systematically optimizing their business processes

Customer Excellence

Assisting companies in their customer excellence journey by means of various activities

Business Modeling

Supporting start-ups and existing businesses in the (re)design of innovative business models

Project Management

Offering capabilities to help companies reach their project goals within the given constraints


Customer excellence is a continuous process, not an accident.

Organizations can only stay on top or preferably ahead of the game by continuously monitoring, improving and adapting their business processes. 

It is of utmost importance to take the voice of the customer, as well as the voice of the business into account.

About Kirsten Westholter

A senior business consultant with 20+ years’ consulting and project management experience working in different industries: from banking and insurances to retail, telecommunication and government. Sector-wide knowledge while working in The Netherlands, Germany, for SMEs and international companies and in the UAE.

An excellent communicator with strong verbal and written communication skills, equipped with solid leadership and time management skills. Committed to bringing added value to enhance both short and long-term objectives with the ability to grasp and adapt to new environments, procedures and technologies quickly.
Skillset and knowledge cover advise and services related to operational excellence, business transformation, customer centricity and continuous improvement.

Kirsten has a passion for business improvement and possesses a strong hands-on mentality.

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